Android app development develops your app - completely customized to your requirements and exactly providing the functionality you need for your business success. Don't hesitate - app development pays off and boosts your business!


Concepts and consulting

Are you planning a mobile development or do you need support in the field of mobility solutions? offers consulting based on deep know-how in the field of mobile developments - with main focus on enterprise Auto ID solutions.


Market search optimization

Do you want to place your app in the Google Market (Google Play)? We are here to help you to bring your app to the market within a very short time and also optimize the content in order to maximise the market internal visibility of your app.


Anything else?

1. XML / JSON development
There are mainly two standards for exchange and storage of human-readable Data: XML and JSON. Both are used extensively in several projects of We can therefore use existing software modules for your project and secure solid functionality.
2. PHP development
Major parts of this site are based on PHP, partly including MySQL, and of course HTML and CSS for the site appearance. The combination of those technologies offers flexible in-house development of all the IT functionality which is necessary outside of an app.
3. Data format conversion
In other projects, many different data formats have been used like NMEA (GPS data), ICAL (calendar data), VCARD (electronic business cards), Excel CSV (which is more than just comma separated values) and more. This includes data conversions between different formats. Please ask for more.
4. Vector bar codes
Another project (which is currently in beta testing phase) is Main part of this is a barcode generator written from scratch in PHP. It is based on a modular concept allowing different vector types (SVG and EPS) and different barcode types (EAN8, EAN13, ITF14, RSS14).
5. Panoramic photography
As one of the first panoramic sites dedicated to one city, was launched in 2005. It shows full sphere panoramic images of the town Düsseldorf (Germany). Unfortunately this site is available in German only. Notice the possibility to look down within the panoramic images.