A selection of current projects

Amaxingo Scan a product's bar code to find the corresponding price on Amazon.
Barcode App Bar code based order managament app for a car repair company.
BlueScan Bluetooth based scanning of article numbers plus server lookup.
Collectissimo Demo version of a stock taking app including article reference import.
Just-A-Map Shwos a full screen Google Map to allow map screenshots with no overlays.
Kunst In Sendling Official app for the art event "Art in Sendling" (Munich, Germany).
Satellite Time Reader Show the exact time and date based on GPS raw data.
Scan2show Very versatile server look-up. Comes with a configuration tool for Windows.
Simple NMEA Monitor Monitor the devices GPS raw data in standard NMEA format.
Yabawi Very flexible battary widget with several different skins to choose from.