Our Partners

appformatics.com stands for mature, premium Apps in the enterprise environment - with a special focus on Auto-ID solutions. So anything that has to do with barcodes, QR codes, RFID, magnetic cards and the like. In this context, several partnerships have been built to satisfy even professional demands on the hardware side.

Zebra Technologies

Specifically, the Android-based devices from Zebra Technologies (formerly Motorola Solutions) are particularly suitable for use with apps from appformatics.com. These are - in contrast to consumer devices - designed for industrial use and for use in everyday work (rugged design, outstanding battery performance and professional services).

As an official partner of Zebra Technologies several apps were tested in-house, and awarded accordingly. On the right side you see the links to the pages at Zebra Technologies.

SCAN2SHOW has successfully passed the "Zebra Technologies Validated" test. The app supports the Android-based Zebra Technologies devices TC55 (touch computer), MC40 (mobile computer), and ET1 (enterprise tablet). Particular emphasis was placed on the smooth interaction with the high-performance barcode scanners of those devices. In addition, the app supports the magnetic stripe reader in the MC40.

COLLECTISSIMO was successfully tested by Zebra Technologies for compatibility with the specific devices TC55 (Touchcomputer), MC40 (mobile computer), and ET1 (enterprise tablet). The app also works seamlessly with the built-in barcode scanners of those devices.


SCAN2SHOW supports EPSON POS printers of the TM-Intelligent series and TM-Mobile series. These printers are accessed using the ePOS Print XML command set. This allows to print any information related to a certain ID - quickly and reliably.